How did I get here?
I keep giving away parts of me for everyone else, when will it be my turn?
How do I get to a better life?
What will I do with my life?
Can I make it happen?

Sometimes relationships slowly grind to a halt through no one’s fault.
Other times, a specific event can knock the wind out of you and, rather unfairly, you have to catch up emotionally to your departing spouse.

Let us help you transition to a better life, one tailored to your needs and long term goals.

We are lawyers who speak plainly, listen closely, and answer questions as they arise.
We can help you develop options, to work within the law, and to explain sometimes why a certain action cannot be taken.
We are here so you can know.

There are paths for you to choose for a more successful and happier life, practical advice to be provided at a time when you need it most.
A new life, blended with the best of the old, and with a long view for success.
That can be you.

We are here for you.


Divorce is difficult - not only financially, but emotionally and mentally. When you need legal support through the days ahead, the divorce attorneys of Naimi & Cerceo Family Law are here to help. We equip you with the tools and advocacy you need to fight for your rights in divorce or reach a compromise for the benefit of all.

Child Custody

At Naimi Cerceo Law Group, we understand that our clients’ children are of utmost importance. Whether in a child custody dispute or during a divorce, we ensure that the best interests of our clients’ children are upheld and that our clients’ parental rights are protected.


While most people do not want to think about divorce as they plan for their weddings, it has become vital for many Nevada couples to consider prenuptial agreements before saying their “I do’s.” Premarital agreements, also known as “prenups,” are actually quite common in our state.

Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys


We focus solely on family law, so our clients receive the benefit of our in-depth legal knowledge and our ability to find solutions where others may only see roadblocks. As our client, you will have an entire legal team dedicated to your case, and we offer a range of cost-saving tactics to ensure your matter is resolved in the most economical manner possible. We understand that family law matters can be extremely difficult for our clients to address. These are more than legal issues; these matters affect their lives, their children, their financial well-being and their future. While we will always keep your legal goals as our number one priority, we also believe in providing a supportive atmosphere to help alleviate your stress.

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