Protect Your Parental Rights

If you are located in Summerlin, Las Vegas or elsewhere in Southern Nevada, our legal team can help you with a range of child custody issues, including:

  • Legal custody: This determines who has decision-making authority over the children for important matters such as medical care, education and religion.
  • Physical custody: Physical custody refers to which parent has the children and when. There are a range of factors that may be considered in this decision, including age of the children and location of the parents.
  • Relocation: Disputes often arise when a parent seeks to relocate out of the state with the children.
  • Temporary custody: This refers to the parenting schedule that is established while a pending dispute over custody is in process.
  • Custody mediation: When parents cannot come to an agreement on child custody and parenting time, mediation can be a great method to resolve the dispute.
  • Expert opinions: In highly contested child custody cases, our lawyers are able to call upon appropriate specialists to evaluate your children, you and your spouse. After a detailed assessment, these professionals will present opinions on the custody arrangement that are in the best interests of your children.
  • Modifications: Even after your custody dispute is finalized, there are opportunities to modify the original child custody agreement. If a significant change in circumstances occurs, you may petition for a custody modification. Likewise, you may also be forced to defend against a modification request.
  • Child custody for unmarried parents: Our law firm also resolves difficult child custody disputes for unmarried parents who are ending their relationships.

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