An Entire Team Dedicated To Your Divorce

When you work with Naimi & Cerceo Law Group, you will have an entire team dedicated to your divorce matter. Not only does this provide cost-saving benefits to our clients, but it also means there are a number of people here who will know your case inside and out. So, if your attorney is in court or not immediately available, there are other team members who can promptly address your concerns.

Resolving Complex Issues In Your Divorce

The majority of divorce and legal separation matters are contested, or at least have some issues that the parties cannot agree upon.

Planning For Your Divorce

At Naimi & Cerceo Law Group, we encourage individuals to educate themselves on the divorce process, and guide them in taking the necessary action to protect themselves

Property Division

Nevada is a community property state. This means that any property or debt acquired during your marriage is considered that of both the husband and the wife.


Nevada laws on alimony are very subjective. That is, in evaluating alimony, the court look at each case differently.

High Asset Divorce

Divorces are never easy and things can get complicated quickly, particularly when a couple has substantial assets. In these types of cases, experience and an eye for detail are essential.

Divorce Mediation

When ending a marriage, even the most amicable of couples can find there are divorce issues they simply cannot agree upon.

Divorce FAQS

The following are some of the common questions people have when facing the prospect of divorce.