A geographic move by a parent can be prompted by a new career, a business opportunity, a new relationship, a desire to be closer to family or by other factors. It can also lead to logistical problems with visitation and feed disputes with a child’s other parent, bringing unwanted issues that call for experienced counsel.

Under Nevada law, if one party has primary physical custody and he or she can show a good faith basis for relocating – and get written consent from the noncustodial parent – relocation is not difficult. If the noncustodial parent denies the request, the parent who wants to relocate must petition the court.

You may be considering a relocation to a location outside of Nevada or a long-distance move within the state, or your child’s other parent may be moving or planning to move. You may be seeking advice to make sure your child’s best interests – and your legal rights – are protected. Our firm can provide the advice you need.

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Every relocation situation is different and should be approached with care. As your law firm, we will take the time to listen to your concerns, advocate for your interests and communicate with you on a regular basis. We can help you. Call us today.

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